Increase Muscle Strength

Increase Muscle Strength

Physiotherapy for the elderly: know the benefits.

With the advancement of medicine and the improvement of health, life expectancy has been growing in recent years. However, ageing still has some consequences, such as loss of balance, bone wear and body aches that reduce the quality of life of most older people.

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Check out some benefits of physical therapy for the elderly:

- Corrects bad postures that hamper basic day to day tasks;

- Improves already existing pathologies such as arthritis and osteoarthritis;

- Strengthens the muscles, avoiding damages in cases of fall;

- Helps motor coordination.

Overall, besides contributing positively to the quality of life of the elderly, geriatric physiotherapy prevents pathologies and reduces symptoms of the existing ones.

Therefore, be sure to look for an experienced professional. Contact us and book your appointment!

Contact us and book your appointment!
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