Neurofunctional Physiotherapy

Neurofunctional Physiotherapy

Neurofunctional Physiotherapy is the set of physiotherapeutic techniques that aims to help patients affected by diseases that attack the nervous system.

Know some of these pathologies:
- Parkinson's
- Multiple sclerosis - Cerebral palsy
- Stroke

The neurofunctional physiotherapist seeks the patient's physical and emotional well-being, rehabilitating him so that he can carry out his activities in a more independent way.

Be patient. With your body. With your time. With yourself.

See other goals of neurofunctional physiotherapy:
- perfects the movements
- normalizes the posture
- improves cognitive abilities and memory
- prevents the emergence of new diseases
- improves muscle strength, motor coordination and balance

Given the importance of maintaining the functions of the nervous system in its entirety, be sure to seek a qualified professional.

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